Falling Oak Timber LLC.





Landowner Services

Falling Oak Timber delivers the highest levels of experience and management knowledge to landowners throughout our region. Our timber process begins with a consultation, enabling us to gain a precise understanding of the landowner’s goals and offer the proper advice regarding the best courses of action to achieve these goals.

Timber Cruise

A crucial component to the timber management process involves establishing exactly what timber resources are present on the landowner’s tract or tracts. Through a process called timber cruising, we spend time in the field counting, marking, and making note of every stand in a tract. Once we understand the exact scope of the landowner’s timber resources, we can turn to creating a timber management plan and begin the timber marketing and harvesting processes.

Detailed Timber Management Plan

We create written timber management plans for landowners and lay out the appropriate actions needing to be taken in the coming years to achieve the landowner’s objectives. Timber management plans recommend the proper courses of thinning, prescribed burning, and even clear cutting to maintain forest health while maximizing the available timber resources in precise accordance with the landowner’s intentions.